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Hydraulic cylinders

We manufacture hydraulic cylinders at the Charvát Group s.r.o., Charvát AXL a.s. and SBAJ Inmart a.s.

Our production capacity is 12 000 pieces/month. We manufacture cylinders with a piston diameter up to 500 mm and stroke up to 3500 mm, and telescopic cylinders with a stroke up to 7000 mm.

Our cylinders are used in a wide range of industrial applications: construction machinery, agricultural technology, lifting platforms, power equipment and turbines, hydraulic presses, injection molding machines, mining technology and the chemicals industry.

We employ a strong base of 42 core employees in the construction and technology sections.

Our production takes place on 120 CNC and 50 conventional machining systems made by Doosan, Mori Seiki, Gildemaister, Tajmac ZPS, Pinnacle and Leadwell.

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Companies of CHARVÁT Group

The companies of the CHARVÁT Group currently employ more than 1000 employees and have a turnover of EUR 110 million. A very important part of the business is the group’s production technology: its own tool shop, modern CNC machining, automated welding shops and chemical and thermal processing.


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